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Getting the Most out of your Business  

Leaving your advisory business behind is a big step, but one that comes to us all eventually. What strategy do you have? I have examined them all and I see problems at every turn.  
SELL IT Is there the demand or cash to buy small to medium sized IFA businesses in the current financial climate at its full value? Any lump sum purchase would be largely dependent upon ongoing remuneration, and you are likely to receive very little for the new business potential. What sort of service will your existing clients get if you simply sell to the highest bidder? It is true that this route may isolate you from future compliance liabilities, but at what cost? What if you have always run a compliant business and future complaints were unlikely?  
PLANNED SUCCESSION Finding the right person can be difficult and may involve you in more initial supervision than you would like. Will they continue to provide the same level of service that you did? Will they protect your 'Legacy' commissions? Are they equipped to defend you against any future claims?

The Caliber Way  

At Caliber we recognise that no two businesses are the same and that no two IFAs will want to adopt the same exit strategy, but we recognise some common threads that our proposition can offer: -  
ü   Many IFAs put their Clients first and will primarily want to be absolutely certain that they are well looked after.  
ü     Many businesses are well run with only a remote likelihood of future compensation claims.  
ü    Many business owners would benefit from a continuation of all, or part of their renewal income.  
ü    Many business owners would like a share of the future new business income generated by their clients.  
ü    Many business owners would prefer to take on a business “Partner” to take their business forward when they retire.  
ü    Many business owners would prefer to keep control while they phase their involvement out, rather than cut themselves off from the business overnight.
Caliber has successfully negotiated exit stratagies with many local businesses over the last 2 decades, providing the retiring IFA with a negotiated remuneration package and the flexibility to set their own retirement package. Most importantly their Clients have recieved a high level of ongoing expertise and continuity of service.

If you think that we might hold the key for you to have a carefree retirement – contact us.  

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