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Compliance for Grown Ups?  

We refer to Caliber Financial Associates Ltd. as an “Autonomous Collective” of Independent Financial Advisers. Formed in 2001 by enlightened refugees from “Traditional” networks, with the objective of providing truly independent financial advice compliantly, we have escaped from the excessively prescriptive (and usually expensive) procedures that get imposed on Network members. We get the economies of scale and security that being associated with a larger organisation brings, but we don’t see large chunks of our clients’ fees and commission payments being used to pay for administration centres housing the expensive infrastructure of management, research and compliance facilities that traditional Network members support.

How do we Work?

Compliance. We never cut corners on compliance, but we do not believe in the “one size fits all” approach. Our members are free to work as they think fit, as long as they remain within our agreed compliance structure. Collective responsibility means that we agree and set the necessary controls with the help of an experienced Compliance Officer.
Expenditure. We never waste our members’ money. We are all “Independent Financial Advisers” first and foremost, and our only motivation is to drive our separate business costs down without compromising the compliant way in which we work. All major expenditure is carefully planned and agreed by our members.
Product Research and Panels. Yes, our members have access to outsourced research facilities, as well as pre-approved fund and product panels for use where they prefer, but they are equally free to conduct their own research – or to contribute to our internal research.
Training & Competence Culture. As part of our culture we encourage personal development through formal qualification, and embrace both the Retail Distribution Review and the Treating Customers Fairly initiative. We see ourselves as members of a Profession and so it is not a surprise to see that four of our advisers have already achieved “Chartered” status.
Management. As you would expect, a Board of Directors runs Caliber Financial Associates, and each board member is an Independent Financial Adviser with an Appointed Representative businesses within the Caliber structure.

  Could You Work with Us?

Because we are not over-prescriptive in our procedures, Advisers who join us are usually experienced professionals who already work compliantly and without day-to-day supervision. We expect Advisers to follow our broad principles, but above all else we expect them to embrace our culture and values.  For this reason, potential new Advisers who already have a similar culture will find the transition to working within Caliber very easy indeed.
Yes, working within Caliber is different because: -  

We ONLY provide Compliance for Grown Ups.  

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